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Our primary offering is a specialized website shopping cart solution we call a bandcart. It’s a customized- and customizable e-commerce solution targeted to accurately reflect the fairly simplistic needs that bands and lables have today regarding e-commerce. It’s hosted at our site, but embeddable at your own sites and all media files are stored on your own external locations to allow you max control over your own produce and less potential legal quagmire for us. We simply allow linking out to those files with obscured links. This means, you can keep control over your own produce and we can much more easily evade the risk of large competitor “lawfare” aimed at nothing more than emptying out the wallets of smaller competitors. This is, unfortunately, a commonly employed strategy of larger players to squash upcoming and more financially fragile competition. A monthly subscription fee is charged for each bandcart along with a small sales fee on the sale of products.

IMPP (Internet Music Promotion Project) also offers the option of plugging songs from your bandcart cataloge into our own streaming network. In this way, your band can be searched by the masses and selected songs can be streamed through a small, embedded player out on external promoter websites. This will widen your exposure to highly targeted prospects likely to become customers too (if you have the appeal, they’re looking for) and even provide you with new business contacts that may help a great deal with furthering your own ambitions. We call this offering the “Internet Music Promotion Project” (IMPP) and this addition provides the subscriber with the full experience of both highly targeted online promotion and the handling of any subsequent e-commerce transactions that may result from it. We aim to be a transparent middleman between bands and fans and only take smalls cuts from transactions as facilitator of trades, no greedy middleman. A bandcart with IMPP connectivity enabled is the full experience!

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